Trase is committed to providing the best available data on global trade flows and associated information on the sustainability of commodity production and trade. The data used by Trase comprises a collection of publically available logistics, trade, export, and customs data, combined with social and environmental indicators from numerous sources. All of the data provided on Trase has been vetted for quality and accuracy. However, we are aware that some data may have limitations, even when coming from officially collected government sources. Trase will continue to improve the quality and accuracy of its data, and is committed to communicating these limitations transparently.

Portions of the data used in the SEI-PCS approach that underpins Trase have been purchased from other data providers, and carry restrictions on sharing in certain formats. In all cases, Trase respects relevant terms of use in its analysis and repackaging of data.

Terms of use

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You are free to use maps, graphics, charts, and other representations of data on the Trase website, under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license.

Licensing is determined for each individual data set, so please refer to the licensing text of each data set for detailed information.

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Permissions & licensing

If using data, information, charts, graphs or maps from Trase, attribution is required. You must clearly attribute the work and provide a link back to Doing so also ensures that people can access the latest available information, in the event that the data is revised or additional relevant research is published.