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What is Trase?

Trase is a data-driven transparency initiative that is revolutionising our understanding of the trade and financing of commodities driving deforestation worldwide. Its unique supply chain mapping approach brings together disparate, publicly available data to connect consumer markets to deforestation and other impacts on the ground. Trase’s freely-available online tools and actionable intelligence enable companies, financial institutions, governments and civil society organisations to take practical steps to address deforestation.

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Who is Trase For?

Trase empowers markets, governments and civil society to transition towards more sustainable commodity production and consumption in three main ways:

  • Enabling buyers and investors to manage risk and reduce impacts
  • Strengthening accountability by improving assessments of risk exposure and the targeting of campaigns and enforcement processes
  • Enabling sector-wide assessments of the success of interventions to improve the sustainability of international commodity trade

Key users of Trase data and insights for risk management include:

Commodity buyers - traders, manufacturers and retailers

working to increase transparency, meet sustainability commitments and de-risk their supply chains.

Governments of major consumption markets

aiming to act on deforestation linked to commodity imports and monitor and report on progress towards national sustainability commitments.

Financial institutions

including investors and banks who need actionable data and insights to reduce the direct and indirect exposure of their investments to deforestation risk, and to assess the environmental performance of their portfolios.

Key users of Trase data and insights for strengthened accountability and monitoring of progress include:

Civil society organisations

and multi-stakeholder processes providing independent monitoring and assessment of the key players involved in the trade of forest risk commodities

Journalists and campaigners

who play a vital watchdog role in raising awareness of unsustainable practices and strengthening the accountability of global supply chains

The Trase Team

Global Canopy
Lead Partner

Ailsa Sinclair

Graphic Designer

Amy Fairbairn

Director of Strategic Communications

André Vasconcelos

Senior Research Associate

Athena McCallum

Communications Officer

Benedetta Crippa


Ben Levett


Bernardo Loureiro

Data Observatory Lead

Chris West


Clement Suavet

Development Lead

Daisy Payne

Communications Manager

Emma Gollub

Engagement Lead

Erasmus zu Ermgassen


Partners & Funders

Trase is a partnership between the Stockholm Environment Institute and Global Canopy. We work closely with data developers, researchers, designers, institutes and other partners.

Founding Partner
Lead Partner
Impact Partner
Development Partner
Research Partner
Major Donor

Global Canopy

Founding Partner

Stockholm Environment Institute

Founding Partner


Lead Partner

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Trase is a partnership between:
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In close collaboration with many others. Click for more information about our partners and funders.

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